Who should attend?

  • Those who hope to become a video conference professional

  • Those who hope to obtain HCIP-VC certificate



  • A general familiarity with PC operation system

  • A basic understanding of computer technology

  • A basic understanding of network communication

HCIP VC Certification:

  • H11-861 - HCIP-VC (Huawei Certified Network Professional - Video Conference)

Course Objectives

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • understand Wireshark interface

  • know about Wireshark basic operations

  • know about the signaling process of conference scheduling

  • know how to troubleshoot common faults

  • understand the use of the SIP

  • understand SIP commands

  • know about the signaling process of SIP messages

  • know about Session Description Protocol (SDP)

  • understand common SIP Call Process and SDP negotiation process

  • know common video codec streams, RTP packetization formats, and SDP descriptions

  • learn about the basic principles of RTP and RTCP

  • master the packet formats of RTP and RTCP

  • master the application of RTP and RTCP

  • acquire basic knowledge of audio technologies

  • know common audio encoding algorithms and their differences

  • learn audio-related technologies

  • understand the video image processing technology

  • know basic concepts of video codec and their differences

  • understand the concept and structure of the integrated videoconferencing system

  • know about components of a videoconferencing room

  • understand installation skills of different videoconferencing rooms

  • know the advanced features of the VP 9000 and TE series

  • master the maintenance and fault diagnosis

  • understand the basic concept and working principle of the MCU

  • know the application scenarios and use methods of advanced features of the MCU

  • know the basic troubleshooting methods for the MCU

  • understand the basic concepts and working principle of the SMC platform

  • know the application scenarios and use methods of advanced features of the SMC platform

  • be familiar with the basic fault location methods on the SMC platform

  • master diagnostic functions provided by the Network Diagnostician

  • master network statistics query using the NLog

  • master basic approaches to troubleshooting a videoconferencing system

  • master how to troubleshoot terminals

  • master how to troubleshoot the Service Management Center (SMC)

  • master how to troubleshoot multipoint control units (MCUs)

  • understand the basic concepts and functions of the firewall

  • master problems and solutions of the video business under the firewall

  • master the typical problems and positioning method of the video business under the firewall

  • know about Huawei videoconferencing recording solution(VRS)

  • know about VRS related products

  • know about VRS features

  • know Network Recording & Streaming Server

  • master Operation, Management and Maintenance

Course Content

The HCNP-VC exam covers Wireshark packet capturing introduction,H.323 Protocol System,SIP protocol,RTP and RTCP protocol,Audio encoding technology,Video encoding technology,basic principles of integrated videoconferencing system,HD video terminal-advanced,multipoint control unit (MCU)-advanced,service management center-advanced,network monitoring tools,videoconferencing system troubleshooting,videoconferencing Public-Private network traversal solution,Huawei videoconferencing Recording solution and Network Recording & Streaming Server,etc.

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