Who should attend?

  • Those who hope to become a UC engineer

  • Those who hope to obtain HCIA-UC



  • A general familiarity with PC operation system

  • A general familiarity with network knowledge

  • A general familiarity with communication theory

HCIA UC Certification:

  • H11-811 - HCIA-UC (Huawei Certified ICT Associate - Unified Communication)

Course Objectives

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the traditional voice network

  • Understand the components, interfaces and signaling in the traditional voice network

  • Know the architecture in the VoIP Network

  • Master the basic knowledge in the VoIP Network

  • Understand the signaling and media protocols in the VoIP network

  • Know basic concepts of the Huawei eSpace IPT solution

  • Describe system architecture and products at each layer of the Huawei eSpace IPT solution

  • Know typical network scenario of the Huawei eSpace IPT solution

  • Master the initial installation and configuration methods

  • Understand the operation interfaces of every element of eSpace IPT solution

  • Understand the functions of administrator operation interfaces

  • Get some basic concepts about calls

  • Understand the interrelationship between these concepts

  • Describe the registration flow of the users under U1900

  • Understand the call flow of U1900 intra-office

  • Perform the data configuration on 1900, IAD and IP Phone

  • Describe the inter-office call flow of U1900

  • Complete the data configuration in related devices to realize the inter-office call

  • Describe the number conversion application scenario

  • Understand the number conversion types and their priority

  • Configure the number conversion

  • Describe the intelligent routing application scenario

  • Configure intelligent routing

  • Describe the Automatic Switchboard Service application scenario

  • Configure the Automatic Switchboard Service

  • Describe the Built-in Voice Mailbox Service application scenario

  • Configure the Built-in Voice Mailbox Service

  • Know U1900 users'default call right

  • Describe the right control application scenario

  • Describe CDR system application scenario

  • eSpace IP Phone Batch Deployment and Management

  • Understand the troubleshooting process

  • Collect and analyze various types of fault reference information

  • Diagnose common system faults

  • Rectify common faults

Course Content - Implementing Enterprise Routing Network

Module 1: TDM Voice Introduction

  • TDM Voice Overview

  • TDM Voice Network

  • TDM Protocols

Module 2: VoIP Theories

  • VoIP System Network

  • VoIP Protocols

  • VoIP Technologies

Moduel 3: eSpace IPT Solution Intro

  • eSpace IPT System Architecture

  • eSpace IPT Products

  • eSpace IPT Highlights and Features

  • eSpace IPT Typical Application Scenarios

Module 4: eSpace IPT System Introduction

  • U1900 Overview

  • U1900 System Introduction

  • U1900 Principles and Features

Module 5: U1900 Install and Initial Config

  • Introduction to IPT Installation

  • U1900 Installation and Initial Configuration

Module 6: eSpace IAD Introduction

  • eSpace IAD Overview

  • eSpace IAD Product Introduction

Module 7: eSpace IAD Basic Config

  • Configuration Tools Introduction

  • IAD Basic Configuration

Module 8: eSpace IP Phone Introduction

  • Analog Phone Introduction

  • IP Phone Introduction

Module 9: eSpace IP Phone Basic Config

  • Single IP phone configuration and upgrade

Module 10: Basic Concepts on phone Call

  • Prefix, Office Route Selection Code, Office Route, Routing Policy and Trunk

Module 11: U1900 Intra/Inter-Office Call

  • Registration Flow

  • Intra/Inter-office Call flow in U1900

  • U1900 Intra/Inter-office Call Configuration

Module 12: Number Conversion (Prefix)

  • Number Conversion Application Scenarios

  • The Priorities of Number Conversion Modes

  • Configure & Enable long and short number

  • Configure & Enable Number Mapping

  • Configure & Enable Number Change

Module 13: U1900 Unified Gateway Routing

  • U1900 Intelligent Routing Function

  • Rerouting Upon A Routing Failure

  • Advanced Routing Policy

  • Routing Based on Load Balancing

Module 14: Automatic Switchboard Service Introduction and Configuration

  • Automatic Switchboard Service Introduction and Classification

  • Automatic Switchboard Service Configuration

Module 15: Built-in Voice Mailbox Service

  • Built-in Voice Mailbox Service Introduction

  • Built-in Voice Mailbox Service Configuration

Module 16: User Call Right Control

  • Default user right level

  • 32-Level Right Call Restriction

  • Blacklist and Whitelist Call Restriction

  • PIN-Code Service

Module 17: eSpace CDR Service

  • Introduction to CDR service

  • CDR service Configuration in Single site

  • CDR service Verification

Module 18: eSpace IP Phone Deployment(without eSight)

  • Batch upgrade process

Module 19: eSpace IP Phone Batch Deployment(with eSight)

  • IP Phone addition

  • Preparations before deployment

  • Automatic deployment

  • Manual deployment

Module 20: eSpace IPT System Maintenance

  • U1900 Maintenance and Upgrade

  • IAD Maintenance and Upgrade

  • IP Phone Maintenance and Upgrade

Module 21: eSpace Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Process

  • Locating Common Faults Methods

  • Typical Fault Analysis

  • Obtaining Technical Support

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