A basic knowledge of programming in any language (yes, even BASIC) is required, no matter how long ago you learned it.Understanding the following question is a good test: Given the following statement in almost any programming language, what will be the value of the variable b? a = b = c = 'Arista'

Course description:

Everyone in networking should learn to program, but they don’t necessarily need to be a developer. This course is designed to get networking people up to speed on Python with a focus on Arista’s eAPI, so that they can write useful automation scripts in a short period of time.

Course outline

Modul 1: Python

   Python Overview

   Data Types

   User Input and Time

   Pretty Python

   Program Flow

   Functions, Modules, and Packages

   File I/O

   Exception Handling

   Miscellaneous Topics

   Example Screen Scraping

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Module 2: eAPI
   Understanding eAPI
   Using eAPI


Module 3: RPM and SWIX

Module 4: EOS SDK

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